Habit: Define self-reflexive, meditative investment, walk in foreign: Elaborate eternal click/press/make/take/snap/shoot/capture/share: And identity, or feel.

Practice: Contract to environment, limit against circumstance, responsibility: Walk with family, attentive not distracted, fast: Dismiss desire for new object on umpteenth walk round park – tree, pavement, detritus, castoff, forgotten: Low success ratio, advantage via dust, light leak, grain.

Perspective heavier, even with current joy: Techne drives dark over light (music ecstatic in ratio to desperate, like color): Record ineffable, insatiable higher contrast, deepest rendered black.

Compress: Dismiss narrative, documentary (false, wrong, post-), street, portrait, snapshot: No county covered to get car-in-front-of-house, only same route repeated: Why not leave house without camera, ask question first/shoot later, ignore viewfinder.

Some sense of loss or worse, hypocrisy: Why use software, cut artifice sheer.

Why worry: Eco-friendly dev, sustainable cash: Even with waiting and chemicals, must scan, digitize, share: Why more tools, never the better.

Image film and back pat: So many negs postable, so good: Love this community.

Street view, surveil – converse: Algorithm – complain: Film integrity – speak for itself, called out: Film simulation – shirk/smirk: Abstract away – low code: Any automation – disregard: Digital forensic – step backward. 

Screen material, not just sensor: Imagic tech failure is less perfect/suspicious, manual slippage: Degrade with re-photo, printout, projection, photocopy.

Like, tag, comment, message – economy: Submit to zine  – pay for copy: Outside commercial, family, group/class  – deviance, anomaly: Amateur label, no market validation – embrace compromise.



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