I almost always have a camera at hand, and I make photos on my commute to work, as I’m running errands, when I take my daughter for a walk, or while I cycle out of the city for exercise. I started shooting film (again, I suppose, due to my age) a few years ago, and that marked the beginning of using cameras more consciously to gain perspective on location, migration, memory, and forgetting. I have moved around a lot in my life, and photography has become a meditative realm in which I seek out evidence of clarity, humor, mystery, indeterminacy, and confusion as well as parallels between the places where I’ve lived.

I am drawn to infrastructure and transport (especially railroad tracks), industrial sites, urban outskirts, architectural concerns, desolate spaces, the well-lit mundane, banal patterns, portal structures, rougher textures and stone, found sculptures and detritus, material contradictions, fragmented signage, objects…

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