Habit: Define self-reflexive, meditative investment, walk in foreign: Elaborate eternal click/press/make/take/snap/shoot/capture/share: And identity, or feel.

Practice: Contract to environment, limit against circumstance, responsibility: Walk with family, attentive not distracted, fast: Dismiss desire for new object on umpteenth walk round park – tree, pavement, detritus, castoff, forgotten: Low success ratio, advantage via dust, light leak, grain.

Perspective heavier, even with current joy: Techne drives dark over light (music ecstatic in ratio to desperate, like color): Record ineffable, insatiable higher contrast, deepest rendered black.

Compress: Dismiss narrative, documentary (false, wrong, post-), street, portrait, snapshot: No county covered to get car-in-front-of-house, only same route repeated: Why not leave house without camera, ask question first/shoot later, ignore viewfinder.

Some sense of loss or worse, hypocrisy: Why use software, cut artifice sheer.

Why worry: Eco-friendly dev, sustainable cash: Even with waiting and chemicals, must scan, digitize, share: Why more tools, never the better.

Image film and back pat: So many negs postable, so good: Love this community.

Street view, surveil – converse: Algorithm – complain: Film integrity – speak for itself, called out: Film simulation – shirk/smirk: Abstract away – low code: Any automation – disregard: Digital forensic – step backward. 

Screen material, not just sensor: Imagic tech failure is less perfect/suspicious, manual slippage: Degrade with re-photo, printout, projection, photocopy.

Like, tag, comment, message – economy: Submit to zine  – pay for copy: Outside commercial, family, group/class  – deviance, anomaly: Amateur label, no market validation – embrace compromise.


Archiving is the new forgetting.

Never post a live animal to someone as a surprise forgetting it’s a Friday before a bank holiday weekend, I hope the puppy is ok.

People look down on certain jobs forgetting at the end of the day SOMEONE has to do it. You have to start somewhere

My parents put on the AC forgetting that my room is in the basement, aka it’s as cold as Alaska winters.

What is the Greek term for a people intent on forgetting their Past?

My biggest regret in life is forgetting your Snapchat name.

Forgetting is a miracle of the natural world. No stone or river or tree can be as cleanly erased as a memory.

We are forgetting how to rage against the machine.

Paul uses verbs like “pressing, reaching, laying hold of & forgetting” to describe the believer’s posture in this journey of deliverance.

NYC as a place where trauma is overtaken by commerce, forgetting, or misremembering. Someone really should write a novel about this…

Focus on forgetting: how to remove your ex from a photo.

Gotta go to the dentist today, so if you need me I’ll be over here power-flossing for the next few hours to make up for six months of forgetting.

Most of us think we’re incapable of forgetting our kids in a hot car.

Never liked the concept of forgetting.

Forgetting. Remembering. Industrial arts. Freedom.

I keep forgetting that it’s Tatiana Maslany trying to stop Tatiana Maslany from killing Tatiana Maslany.

My life consists of work, going to the gym, and forgetting to feed my fish.

To get my parents in the car and take me to the soccer game without like forgetting something is really a challenge.

Woke up early to get a jump start on the day, forgetting that there was no point because eventually I’m going to die.