For recording a short sound to be set on repeat with the new Soundcloud “repeat playing track” feature, start with a slightly altered melody from another song you are working on, a song you almost completely dismantled and squashed Thursday night before receiving notice of this Disquiet Junto project.

That night, you fed the melody through a certain favored synth which you ultimately decided not to use, as the tone was too different, darker. But for a “groove lock,” looping the melody on this synth was the first thing that came to mind.

Add some effects to bring out the hazier edges, set up Ableton’s Granulator for the bass tone. Finally, add the sample from a video in the Tate Modern recorded on your phone in Autumn 2013, something about a manuscript (or is he saying “that worries me”?), seemingly lost, and an inability to talk about it.

With the sample and the earlier dismissal of the synth, forgetting recurs as a theme. Forgetting: locked and repeated. And as the piece loops, do you go deeper into its layers (as long as you remember to pay attention), or do you forget it to the background of your room? Is the manuscript forever lost?

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