Somewhere in the future I am remembering today. I’ll bet you
I’m remembering how I walked into the park at five thirty,
my favorite time of day, and how I found two cold pitchers
of just poured beer, sitting there on the bench.

I am remembering how my friend Chip showed up
with a catcher’s mask hanging from his belt and how I said

great to see you, sit down, have a beer, how are you,
and how he turned to me with the sunset reflecting off his contacts
and said, wonderful, how are you.

– David Berman, from “The Charm of 5:30” (Actual Air)


“Longing is not memory, but rather what is selected from memory’s museum. Longing is selective like an adept gardener” – Darwish

“You ask yourself, is it the same memory? Because your memory is now monocular not binocular.” – Julian Barnes

“When you have a memory, you create something new.” – Charles Fernyhough

Borges and Memory: Encounters with the Human Brain Funes: “What cannot be denied is that he is a monster.”

“You’re going to need a lot of memory to live with me.” – David Berman

“I was going to be a memory when I grew up.” – Alejandro Zambra

The psychoanalysis of ruins, by Dylan Trigg – “Time Out of Joint, Ruinlust, Disturbance of Memory”

The “unpredictability of memory corralled by rigours of mathematical logic” – on Oulipo.

“Emotions, like all tastes and memory, are too closely linked to the self, to the ego.” – John Cage

The myths, constructs and integrity of memory – “63% believe human memory records experienced events like a video camera.”

“Memory Traps” by Charles Simic – “Buildings are famous memory traps.”

“War disrupts our nature of being. You become exiled from your native space & from your native memory.”

“Memory’s distances, youth’s wishes, childhood hopes come grey-clad, like evening mist after the sun has set.” – Novalis

“Being inside the event, memory essentially and above all consists of not leaving it.” – Deleuze

“Memory myths since Socrates’ time” by Joshua Foer

“A computer is nothing but a means for a memory to get from one state to another.” – Weyl or Kelly?

The science behind memory glitches – “Deja vu; deliberate forgetting; nostalgia; flashbulb, episodic, and false memories”

“The question of what the memory of World War II ought to mean to people now.”

Garage-rock‘s secret recipe has always been 1 part loving memory to 2 parts imperfect recall.”

“For Roubaud, ‘veracity’ is not a compositional constraint; it’s a matter of ‘being absolutely faithful to this approach to memory.'”

Interview with Dylan Trigg – “bodily memory of place, uncanny landscapes, capacities to forget.”

Kamal AlJafari’s “Port of Memory” – “the in-between of space: the already there of the ruin…”

Tetris imagery is a separate form of memory / may help prevent th development of traumatic memories.”

Can Germany Help Central Europe Confront Its Dark Past? “It’s all about the difference between history and memory.”

“Reading Moonwalking with Einstein, I became gradually less tormented by the idea of forgetting.”

“If I was able to forget myself, and found the heavenly hook, it held on to me.” – Herta Muller

“Funes the Memorious” as metaphor for insomnia? “When I suffered from insomnia I tried to forget myself…” – Borges

“We should disconnect our computers and put the books out on the stoop and forget we ever learned to read or care.” – Lars Iyer

“In a baptism of forgetfulness I plunge all experiences into the eternity of remembrance.” – Kierkegaard

“…He who does not forget his first love will not recognize his last” – Manifesto of Cubo-Futurism; Moscow, 1912

“All action requires forgetting, just as the existence of all organic things requires not only light…” – Rodrigo Quian Quiroga

“It is our pattern: we forget so soon what made us want to flee, we cover it over with nostalgia.”

On Borges’s “Funes the Memorious” “We think there is everything, because we forget everything.”

“Can We Learn To Forget Our Memories?”

“Love is a nervous habit. Haven’t many said so?…Forgetting. Nerves, nerves, nerves.” – William Gass

“If you forget your past, you die.” – Carlos Fuentes

“Dance music began as this rhythmic anguish, forgetting.” – Nicholas Jaar

“Forget the hype: how close are we to a ‘forgetting pill‘?”  “Ultimately, it depends upon what you are trying to forget.”

Facebook denies us a pleasure whose profundity we had underestimated: the chance to forget about ourselves for a while.”

Phoenix is increasingly a kind of capital of the forgetful and confused.”

Haunted by forgetting, we can never be sure of what we are mourning.”

“In late Varda forgetting becomes a structuring mechanism and a stylistic impetus.”