Amazing how many people think Russia is the only guilty party when it comes to distorting, misremembering, and actively forgetting the past.

Forgetting to get glittered.

I hope I am not forgetting to worry about something that is very important to worry about today. Also, I hope I find some moss. I am a bear.

I keep forgetting Mike Tyson’s face tattoo is real outside of The Hangover movie.

Fuel your team between soccer, baseball, dance, and whatever it is you know you’re forgetting.

Most American thing ever? Forgetting May Day, which is about workers rights, but adopting Cinco de Mayo just for more tacos & tequila.

Giving up a base hit when you’re up 0-2 is like having a thesis paper done early then forgetting to turn it in on time.

The Oubliette is not a place of forgetting. It’s not a privacy heaven. It’s a panopticon.

Forgive your muscles and your joints for not forgetting, for keeping that imprint alive.

Forgetting about this drama, I’m really happy that Cameron is more active and interacting with us and posting on Snapchat more.

The first bar built for forgetting still stands.

Tumblr will have you forgetting racists are the majority in your country, LOL.

People keep forgetting that God “wrote the Constitution.”

Fingers crossed that I wake up forgetting tonight.

I’m seriously debating dedicating my life to religion and forgetting about everything else.

Forgetting is a privilege.

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