Humanity continuously puts the secrets of life in their pants, and forgetting they’re there, they sit down like they’re non-existent.

Never forgetting opens the door to perfect information, which in the long wrong undermines purpose.

Forgetting your spitter and having to constantly open your door driving down the road.

News from Berlin by Otto de Kat review – “forgetting is the enemy of happiness.”

Y’all be forgetting there’s a concept called “compatibility” and just bc someone is attractive to u doesn’t mean they’re the one for u.

We use the word “forever” a lot, forgetting that this word applies to الله only.

It was freezing this weekend, but that didn’t stop NYFW from forgetting its pants.

Forgetting is one of the freedom’s shapes.

Nothing excites me more than thinking about getting out of high school and forgetting about everyone and having a fresh start

I swear, all of life’s problems can be solved by forgetting about point A and point B, and concentrating on point A.5.

Today I got a text from my mom shaming me for forgetting my sister’s birthday. It isn’t her birthday today, it’s mine.

Kissing booth in the union until 1 for Autism Speaks! Hershey Kisses, not real ones…I heard someone was forgetting to say that (not me).

Forgetting is practically impossible, as you’ve stated with your theory of the “witness principle.”

I think we’re all forgetting Beck’s shining moment in Krusty the Clown’s non-denominational holiday spectacular.

I think he keeps forgetting how fragile I am. Prick.

You can’t be forgotten because forgetting you would be like forgetting myself — impossible. Maybe we’re better off as far apart as possible.

Day 2 of the clear-out yielded this oddity: a megadrive clone from Russia that I keep forgetting to review.

Tomorrow I invent forgetting and the fog, which we must re-paint soon.

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