Sometimes I forget that I actually met Taylor and she looked me in the eye and said my name and smiled at me, ya know, it hurts forgetting.

May God forgive us for forgetting what a good looking town Leeds is. Something in the ale.

Normally we’d advocate forgiving/forgetting, but some exes just call for a HOT revenge outfit.

I’m too busy being strong for everybody that I’m forgetting about myself, and that’s not good.

The only love a grunt needs is brotherhood…I keep forgetting that.

The only thing getting in the way of me passing out drunk and forgetting all my problems in an alley is the supposed lack of Wi-Fi.

Forgetting how to speak Japanese.

How do I keep forgetting my stream is in Norwegian?

Forgetting a box of Cheezits in the car has proven to be the greatest mistake I’ve ever made. Supporting evidence: my last five car rides.

Serial is about a real person’s murder, why does everyone keep forgetting.

While were all complaining about going to school, we’re forgetting there are people who sleep outside.

If an attractive young blogger lets her health insurance lapse under Covered California because she kept forgetting to pay it…

Since when is it just about the presents? Aren’t we forgetting the true meaning of this day: the birth of Santa?

I keep forgetting I have been published on The New Republic‘s website, which is weird.

Remember in like 2006 when everyone was suing places for forgetting to let them know NOT to spill their scalding hot coffee on themselves?

Forgetting > insisting,waiting.

Forgetting to take your own bags to the supermarket and being made to feel like you’re single-handedly destroying the planet.

Forgetting the lesson of Cypherpunk history: cryptography is underhanded.

Stop forgetting to take UR pills/stop forgetting to take UR pills/stop forgetting to take UR pills/stop forgetting to take UR pills/stop forg

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