Writing is an advanced form of forgetting.

Studies show that workout apparel is so comfortable, it seems people are forgetting to actually work out.

So necessary: a “protest against forgetting.”

I keep forgetting there’s more to the VMAs than Beyonce’s performance and no,  I’m not just saying this as a joke, I genuinely keep forgetting.

Forgetting about Dre is often the first sign of early onset Alzheimer’s.

As soon as some new issue comes up like this ice bucket challenge, people start forgetting about other immense issues.

What the “Learn to Code” movement is forgetting: existing developers.

British people using Ferguson as a comparative to show how great UK policing is conveniently forgetting Mark Duggan.

When the remembering was done, the forgetting could begin.

I never forget anyone who doesn’t forget me: forget me, though, and forgetting you becomes a priority.

Unless I’m forgetting something at 4 AM, this was the largest earthquake in the Bay Area since 1989.

Forgetting can be a superpower too.

Forever forgetting to hit “Private Session” on Spotify when I listen to music.

That PSA that getting a bf/gf and then forgetting all about your friends is not cool.

I nevertheless ain’t speak with my mom about the luxury cruise, I become forgetting.

When people say how messed up our generation is, they’re forgetting who raised them.

British baby feeds herself at 3-days old. Reincarnated Igbo spirit forgetting to forget?

I hate sleeping & forgetting everything then waking up & realizing it’s still there.

Forgetting doesn’t heal, forgiving does.

Been single for too long. I’m forgetting how to make someone’s life a living hell.

How forgetting to renew a subscription cured one reader’s hemorrhoids.

No one tires of dreaming, because to dream is to forget, and forgetting does not weigh on us.

I hope I’m not forgetting any important documents…should recheck again later after I’m done chilling.

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