I think with these cats and sloths all over the Internet, we are forgetting how amazing bunnies, ducklings, and chicks are.

Thank you God for not forgetting to wake me up this morning , I’ll never forget to thank you every morning.

I swear every Sunday I be wanting Chick-Fil-A, but I be forgetting they’re closed.

Dear Ones, I hope you all can dance your way through today, into your dreams, forgetting all sorrows!

As soon as you start forgetting about them, they start thinking about you.

I keep forgetting I should let you go. But when you look at me, the only memory is us kissing in the moonlight.

Why do we keep forgetting about LinkedIn?

Talents: forgetting to reply.

Forgetting is the best revenge. – Unknown

I like hanging out with people that have me forgetting to look at my phone all the time.

Forgetting things often? Well just remember to go to the gym – it employs the muscles to work the brain better.

The only thing more depressing than forgetting why I walked into a room is remembering it was to find the reminder notepad I lost.

My favorite hobby is forgetting to eat all day and then consuming 2000 calories in a 30-minute period.

I keep feeling like I’m forgetting something, but I feel like that so often I wonder if it’s just inherent.

My son must be forgetting to take out his contacts before bed. His eyes are always so bloodshot!

I call my daughter “Sweetheart” because I keep forgetting her name.

Forgetting the response to the responsorial psalm, so you have to just sit there awkwardly or pretend to mouth something.

Me forgetting to make or get dinner for myself because the ESPYs were on is a prime example of why I don’t have/need a girlfriend.

I keep forgetting you have a vampire boyfriend to keep you awake.

My friend’s struggle: figuring out what to get her boyfriend for his birthday. My struggle: forgetting to water my plant.

The main problem in examining our neighbor’s life is the danger of forgetting the NEED for PERSONAL examination.

Excited: forgetting English already.

Right, don’t go forgetting your carefully timed humility. After all, they have to see you’re human beneath the brand.

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