You roll a 4 on the sound of a solar energy generator in the year 2044.

You walk into the kitchen to the window that gets the most sunlight: she is making lunch and remarks that there is a lot of sun today. Open the door to the pantry: in the corner is the generator’s heliosonic space. It is a small machine but through its tubes and flux capacitors flow all of your necessary stellar bursts. Kneel down to read the current levels: the generator’s tones are vigorous today. The clouds roll in and out, the thick street trees waver: the generator flutters. The hallway light is switched on: the generator beeps again. You grab a jar of pickles off the shelf: stand listening and frozen with the desire for light. You leave the pantry and close the door: back into a vision of the only sun.

Track made for the 123rd Disquiet Junto project — “Help Gizmodo record the soundscape of the home of the future” — more information can be found at:…3-homeofthefuture/

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