Writing cliches in fiction is like planting a land mine in a field and forgetting where it was planted.

Woke up forgetting my hair colour.

“Originality is the fine art of remembering what you hear but forgetting where you heard it.” – Laurence J. Peter

Software uses big data to battle forgetting.

What if I told u l like someone right now but still loved u, What if I told u I’m falling for him and forgetting about u What will u then do.

I’m still really young. I b forgetting my age sometimes.

Sometimes I be forgetting how basic these broads are lol lawd.

Viewing a snapchat and forgetting to respond, and not knowing what to send back because you forgot what they sent you.

Who are your twitter friends — Jayla aly angel dakota ary kaylin daniela rachel im forgetting so many people.

Pay too much for petrol this weekend? I find “forgetting” to scan items at the supermarket self checkout helps level the playing field.

Kids self protect by disassociating, by forgetting, by pretending. And then…we get sick. Maybe a little. Maybe a lot.

Christians always apologise to Muslims for the Crusades, forgetting why the Crusades began in the first place.

Many people love to remind others that “Only God can judge them” but continue living a sinful life forgetting that one day He actually will.

Accidentally forgetting ur phone at home is like accidentally leaving ur first born child at the gates of hell…

Microsoft’s biggest strategic mistake over the last five years has been forgetting who their customers really are.

I keep forgetting the Super Bowl is this weekend because I’m too hyped for the Cuse-Duke game.

Dear MOM, thank you for believing in me, supporting me, not forgetting me and loving me, when no else would.

I need to use my retainers more…I keep forgetting.

I am the queen of texting a person once and forgetting to text back again

I’m fed up with my brain remembering crap I’d like to forget and forgetting crap I’d like to remember.

Don’t you dare remember me once you start forgetting her.

Awkwardly forgetting that you’re logged into your mums facebook instead of your own. Unsend button please?!

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One thought on “24 HOURS OF OBLIVION VI

  1. apokryptein says:

    Some of those sentences are very strong…


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