Accidentally forgetting your headphones at home is like accidentally leaving your first born child at the gates of hell.

Ha! Yeah, I know that feeling. Worst thing, when years pass, is forgetting which books you’ve read and which you haven’t…

Let holidays & partying begin! Not forgetting the painful shopping experiences – long queues, no parking & empty food shelves!

Learn: Rebuilding a company without forgetting who built it in the first place.

Open up your mind and start forgetting what you know.

So ready to be caught when they fall completely forgetting that someone’s waiting on the other end to be caught as well……

Three biggest lessons in life….Love…Forgive…and Forget… I can do the first two…But I can’t do the lesson of forgetting you… – Anonymous

People always want people to be like them, forgetting we are made unique. You have right to worship God, so worship him.

I keep forgetting to on the vol. And keep forgetting that the small Ikea green chair is not under the table. That my sis. took it.

Will be listening to Bowling for Soup’s Christmas album, Corey Taylor and not forgetting The Killer’s festive tunes to death now it’s Dec 1!

People love forgetting all the times I had their back when the world hated them lol.

Keep forgetting my dad lives here now!!! It really is a dream come true! (,:

Doing hw.. & i decided to run my pen down my leg, forgetting the lid was off & then this happened lmao. So smart.

I keep forgetting that celebrities are real people and they can die unexpectedly at any moment and that makes me sad.

Forgetting that laws exist when you’re drunk.

I just shaved my goatee forgetting that I have a wedding to attend on Saturday!

I keep checking social media looking for interesting things forgetting it’s 1am and some people sleep.

Bit stupid of me washing my boots yesterday forgetting I gotta wear them today.

Forgetting you is like erasing myself.

No one will ever know how I really feel about things cause I’m just too good at forgetting and smiling.

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