Your forgetting is nothing but a series of actions always far from painstakingly described.

Your forgetting is the most affordable return to nature.

Your forgetting will be an unearthed media projected against your skin, your dark eyes silent with new notions of flesh and bone.

Your forgetting always will be.

Your forgetting is written plain and simple with remembered ends, remembered beginnings, and as few points as possible in between.

Your forgetting is all exerted from your cleft center.

Your forgetting is a mistake without discovery, not unlike motion sickness.

Your forgetting is the game you were made for, the one that proposes we meet once a year until one of us “cannot.”

Your forgetting has had enough and hits Send.

Your forgetting steps out the way of the army jacket and long white hair of a swerving dziadek with eyes somewhere between shocked and joyful: “We were children, we fought to save Poland.”

Your forgetting is sustainable.

Your forgetting knows Portuguese hoje e ontem.

Your forgetting is positive theft, a behavior emerging when you see their smiles no more.


Your forgetting is a childhood spent in the plains, your only prideful offering in the negotiation.

Your forgetting is woven around your preference for valleys over mountains.

Your forgetting maneuvers in a frictionless space as you struggle to understand their versus your outrage.

Your forgetting is not denatured, is nothing but the inverse of the plague of hindsight.

Your forgetting is – let us say it together, “soi-distant…” – soi-distant remembering.

Your forgetting knows all sorts of precursors you will never need to.

Your forgetting is somehow pacific, the opposite of what memory conceals.

Your forgetting has never modified the past or the future and never will.

Your forgetting is pullulating unseen

Your forgetting watches them drop like insect-infected pears.

Your forgetting is the latest stage of a search for attention and praise, your impetus for exclaiming “cause you deserve it” whenever possible.

Your forgetting allows you to be remembered for something you have never known.

Your forgetting at this point demands only the barest of consideration.

Your forgetting is nowhere near as spurious as your memory, actually.

Your forgetting desires, every second.

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