♫ Gastr del Sol – “The Seasons Reverse”

Your forgetting knows the seasons never change but only reverse when it is finally Autumn in this hemisphere, and you remember the previous Spring, how the first week of warmth saw you forgetting it’d ever been that warm, how wary you were without a scarf tight around your throat, how you’d already forgotten that even a week before that Wednesday it’d been snowing obnoxiously, so C told you, over birthday beers in a scummy bar, that when you were all sitting soon enough on his roof in only t-shirts, that was going to be all he’d talk about, he’d not let anyone forget those leaden skies and slush-soaked days, the longest Winter in your age’s memory, or even since 1962, M’s father told you, he remembers the snow that Easter and how quickly his żurek z jajkiem I chrzanem got cold.

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